Milo, membre du Hellfyre Club a décidé de lancer l’année 2013 de la meilleure des manière…Comment? En mettant en ligne son double EP en streaming via son BandCamp. Les EP ont été baptisés Things That Happen At Day/Night. Voilà ce que l’artiste en dit :

i think what bums me out about most of the music i hear is how unabashedly vicious, cruel it is. which is an understandable response to a less-than-ideal existence but it seems like we’re at a point where no longer is excess, disparity or vice interesting. it will become (has become) the “cool” move to suddenly grasp out for responsibility, to be kind and funny, to try to make sense of a bleak, (probably) meaningless existence in a way that affirms duty/virtue. to grapple with suffering and not reduce it to trite sentimentalisms. irony and sarcasm are powerful tools but in an age of such the next development has to be an ardent genuineness. or maybe i’ll kill myself. i’m undecided.

things that happen at day // things that happen at night is a double-ep exploring duality and responsibility. it is unavoidably obtuse, overwhelmingly self-important and i am not sorry

L’artiste met un point d’honneur à donner du sens à sa musique en y intégrant les notions de responsabilité tout en conservant une belle dose de sarcasme et d’ironie dans ses rimes. Voilà un des artistes qui risque de faire grand bruit en 2013. Les paris sont lancés…